Nonprofit and Educational Organizations

Nonprofit and educational organizations include local and national animal protection, vegetarian, environmental, human rights, and peace groups offering complimentary educational literature.

We are grateful to the following nonprofit organizations that participated in the 2005 Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival:

Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation
Alternatives to Paving
American Vegan Society
Animal Law at the George Washington University Law School
Bhaktivedanta Center
Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice
Charlottesville Waldorf School
Cloud Nine Vegan Community
Compassionate Action for Animals
Divine Life Renewal Center
Falun Dafa
Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
Food Not Bombs
Grottoes Seventh-Day Adventist Church
La Leche League of Charlottesville
Living Education Center for Ecology & the Arts
Meat Market: the new book by Erik Marcus
National Forest Protection Alliance
Organic Consumers Association
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Rewilding Project
Science of Spirituality
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Semchen of Tibetan Volunteers for Animals
Sierra Club
Social Investment Forum / Calvert
United Poultry Concerns
Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
Vegetarian Resource Group
Vegetarian Society of Richmond
Virginia Animal Law Society
Wild Virginia and Appalachain Sustainable Development

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