VEGAN ROOTS FEST is Centrally Located and Easy to Find!

Booker T. Washington Park

1001 Preston Ave.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

By Bus

Charlottesville Area Transit #8 has stops immediately next to Booker T. Washington Park on Preston Avenue.  Also, Charlottesville Area Transit #9 stops very close by on 10th St. 

For UVA fest-goers, both the Inner Loop and Outer Loop have stops right on Preston Ave. at Booker T. Washington Park.

By Bicycle

There are two racks in the park.


All parking at Vegan Roots Fest is FREE!

Areas in purple are reserved for the festival.

(Click on the map to enlarge)

Vegan Roots Fest has permission from Zion Union Baptist Church and Trinity Episcopal Church to use their parking lots (thank you to both churches!), both adjacent to the park. You can also use the lower parking lot of Booker T. Washington Park (intersection of Preston Avenue and Madison Avenue) and the Pool Parking Lot (after noon) on 10th St.

Additional parking is available along Preston Ave., Grady Ave., Madison Ave., and surrounding side streets.

SPECIAL NOTE: 10th Street between Preston and Charlton will be blocked off for food trucks (see the red block in the map)



10th St. between Preston Ave. and Charlton Ave. will be CLOSED for food trucks (see RED block)