(These have not changed for 2016)

Please read carefully. These rules are part of your registration contract. Failure to abide by the rules may result in removal from the festival grounds.

FESTIVAL MISSION Exhibitors must support the Vegetarian Festival mission of promoting vegetarianism & veganism and/or the celebration of a healthy and humane lifestyle. Festival organizers reserve the right to refuse any exhibitor-applicant admission to the festival if they deem the exhibitor’s display or message inappropriate.

SHOW-AND-SALE LICENSE Festival organizers purchase a Show-and-Sale License for the festival from the City of Charlottesville that exempts exhibitors from purchasing vendors’ permits or business licenses for the festival.

SUBLETTING NOT PERMITTED Exhibitors may not sub-let exhibit space partially or in its entirety. Subletting of exhibit space is grounds for dismissal from the festival.

BOOTH LOCATIONS Booths will be located at IX Art Park. Festival organizers will assign booth spaces. 

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Exhibitors must allow adequate time to set up their booths. During setup hours, beginning at 8:00 AM on festival day, festival volunteers and officials will be available to direct exhibitors to their booth locations and to answer setup questions.

HOURS OF OPERATION Exhibits must be ready for operation 30 minutes before the festival opens at 11:00 AM and must remain open until the festival closes at 5:00 PM.

BOOTH STAFFING Exhibits must be staffed during the entire festival, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

ELECTRICITY Electricity will not be provided to exhibitors unless it is essential to the operation of their exhibits and upon availability.

SIGNAGE Exhibitors must display adequate signage clearly identifying the name of their operation. Exhibitors with food must include a list of food offerings and prices on their signs.

TABLE COVERINGS All tables must have coverings such as tablecloths. Exhibitors must supply their table coverings.

PARKING Exhibitors are responsible for parking their vehicles.

CARE OF SPACE Exhibitors must keep the areas around their exhibits clean. Exhibitor spaces must be surrendered in the same condition in which they were when taken over. Festival organizers provide garbage cans at IX Art Park. In case of damage to spaces or to materials provided by the festival, exhibitors are responsible for paying any and all claims necessary to restore spaces and/or materials to their original conditions.

FESTIVAL CANCELLATION If any contingency interrupts or prevents the holding of the Vegetarian Festival, including but not limited to inclement weather and other acts of God, festival organizers shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Exhibitor registration fees cannot be refunded if the festival is interrupted or cancelled since the fees are disbursed before the festival for operating licenses, permits, and liability insurance required by the City of Charlottesville and for equipment rentals, festival supplies, and festival promotion.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Exhibitors agree to make no claim for any reason against festival organizers for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of goods, nor for any injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or festival visitors incurred at the festival. Exhibitors agree to indemnify festival organizers against and hold them harmless for any liability arising out of exhibitors’ participation in the festival. Each exhibitor agrees to accept full liability for any loss, theft, damage, destruction of goods, or in- jury caused by the exhibitor.


ALL FOOD MUST BE VEGAN No animal flesh, such as beef, pork, poultry or seafood, or broth made from animal flesh, or animal fat, or gelatin, is permitted in any foods or nutritional supplements. Any food items must have all ingredients clearly listed. Vegan food contains no animal products whatsoever, thus excluding such items as eggs and dairy products (examples: milk, cheese, butter). We will be more than happy to help you choose vegan food offerings that will be popular and help you with any questions that you may have regarding this matter.

MANNER OF FOOD DISTRIBUTION Exhibitors distributing food may sell their food, give samples away, or do both.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS All exhibitors distributing food must abide by the Temporary Restaurant Policy of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). These regulations include submitting an Application for a Temporary Restaurant Permit to the Thomas Jefferson Health District of the VDH at least 10 business days before the festival. A $40 application fee is required of most for-profit exhibitors and some non-profit exhibitors who distribute food. The regulations also require the provision of overhead protection, such as a canopy. Exhibitors distributing food must supply their own overhead protection. Some prepackaged food is exempt from certain health department regulations. Exhibitors should contact the Thomas Jefferson Health District for details (434-972-6219).

HEALTH DEPARTMENT INSPECTION On the morning of the festival, the Virginia Department of Health will inspect booths at which food is distributed. Exhibitors distributing food must be ready for inspection no later than 10:00 AM. Exhibitors distributing food cannot begin serving food until the Virginia Department of Health has issued them a temporary permit.