One thing we care about is helping heal our planet. That's part of the reason many of us who choose not to eat or consume animal products do it. Those who don't consume meat produce 1.5 tons LESS greenhouse gases than their meat-eating fellows.

At the Veggie Fest we also care about what we use to consume that delicious meat-free food on and with. Since 2013 the Vegetarian Festival has been a zero waste event.

What the heck does that mean? We're eating food without plates and forks?

Of course not! It means that we use compostable plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, napkins and other serving ware to bring you a sustainable option for your delightful dining experience.

We've partnered with Black Bear Composting to provide the bins for disposal of your plates and cups and they'll take it away to make wonderfully rich soil that will nourish more veggies in the future. It's full circle!

We'll have a team of volunteers at our Zero Waste Stations helping you dispose of your wares properly. 

Thanks for helping us help the planet!



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