If you've been to Brazos Tacos lately you may have noticed a beautiful mural along the side of the building as you're coming down the 2nd street hill. When I first saw it, I thought it had something to do with one of our sponsors, Wegman's, being located in that section of the IX complex. 

A few weeks later, when I was meeting Brian and Susan at IX to talk about Veggie Fest logistics I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the mural was created by Laura Wooten, a local landscape artist. You may have seen her exquisite landscape paintings over the past several weeks in GallerIX (the lobby of the IX Art Park building). 

An idea came up, how about we dedicate this newly completed mural at the Veggie Fest. It was a perfect match and we commenced brainstorming on options for doing a dedication. As part of that dedication we wanted to share about what inspired Laura to create such a magnificent mural.

From Laura:

"When I first designed the mural, I hoped it would spark conversations around eating local, sustainable farming without pesticides, stewardship of our land, and preserving native habitats for butterflies, bees, and native fauna. While these ideas are still very important to me, a simpler, more distilled meaning came across to me while I was painting.

The mural is essentially about joy and connection:
the connection to our local landscape, and our connection to each other through that shared experience. 

We all catch glimpses of the mountains at different times, from different vantage points in the city, whether it's just a sliver above the treeline, or a grand vista while driving west. The beauty of the Blue Ridge is something we have all experienced and has become a part of our local identity in central Virginia. The beauty of our landscape is a source of joy for me and I hope to share that with you and our community."


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