Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ IX Art Park - 11AM - 9PM

Don't miss a thing!

We'll send you occasional updates as we finalize details about the festival.

For our 20th Anniversary we're partnering with WTJU and IX Art Park to be a part of the Levitt Amp Charlottesville Music Series. We're extending the festival hours into the evening to be a part of this exciting concert. We'll kick off at 11AM and conclude around 9PM.

Live Music Day & Night

11:00AM Brian Mesko & Friends

12:30PM Beleza

2:00PM Ragged Mountain String Band

5PM - 9PM Levitt Amp Charlottesville Concert in partnership with WTJU and IX Art Park


Special Entertainment

12:00PM Albemarle Morris Men Performance

1:30 PM David Vanderveer the chainsaw juggler

3:00PM The Green Grannies of Charlottesville 

9:00PM Fireshow


Speakers & Cooking Demos --- Indoor Space @ IX

11:00AM Vegetable Khichuri

Chef: Mahabuba Akhter

A delicious and healthy Indian comfort food. Check out the full recipe found in Local Commons Volume 3. 

11:45AM Eating Seasonally Foraged Foods: Paw Paws, Autumn Olives, and Others

Chef: C'ville Foodscapes

Pawpaw trees, the largest edible fruit trees native to North America, produce greenish-blackish fruit, usually three to six inches long. The flesh is pale to bright yellow and contains a network of glossy, dark brown seeds. A pawpaw's flavor is sunny, electric, and downright tropical: a riot of mango-banana-citrus that's incongruous with its temperate, deciduous forest origins.


Presenter: Dr. Dave Madow

Dr. David Madow, host of the David Madow Lifestyle Show, will show you exactly how to change your life through goal setting, eating plant based, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, meditation, forgiveness, happiness, love, and much more. This is a not to be missed talk!

1:15PM Whole Grain Butternut Squash Waffles

Chef: Chris and Darlene from Veganscratch

Are you looking for vegan brunch ideas? Maybe you’d like to use more whole grains in your cooking? Do you want to use more seasonal vegetables? Or maybe you’d like your kids to eat more vegetables. We’ve got you covered with these Whole Grain Butternut Squash Waffles. Don’t have a waffle maker? No problem! This makes a great pancake batter too.

2:00PM Bringing Conscious Consumption to the Present Moment

Speaker: Wendy Vigdor-Hess

We are inundated with ways to eat healthy on a daily basis.  What does it really mean? Living in a time where we can obtain anything with relative ease, we need to become savvy in our choices not only from the foods we eat but where our food comes from, how it is packaged and more!  Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RDN, Certified Health and Wellness Coach is excited to return to the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival to provide simple tips to support conscious and considerate choices for the planet, ourselves and all living beings. 

2:30PM Local Landscape Mural Dedication

Join Laura Wooten to hear a brief talk on what inspired the new IX Art Park mural. The mural is on the building across from the park (where Brazos Tacos is located). She completed the mural back in June as a project for the IX Art Park and the Tom Tom Founder's Festival. She'll share with us about how she hoped the mural would connect us to our landscape, food and each other. Read more on the blog. 

2:45PM Calculating your nitrogen footprint

Presenter: Elizabeth Castner

Izzy is a researcher associate in the UVA Department of Environmental Sciences. She is working on the Nitrogen Footprint Tool project to develop models that universities, secondary schools, and other communities can use to calculate and reduce their nitrogen footprints. She earned an Sc.B. in environmental science from Brown University, where she completed an honors thesis studying soil nitrogen fluxes in agricultural systems within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 

3:30PM The Vegan Foodie: Beyond Tofu

Chef: Angela Atkinson from Whole Foods

Looking for culinary inspiration? Chef Angela will show you that vegan never needs to be routine! She'll be demoing Potato and Leek Galette with Sauce Champignon au Bacon

It's vegan twist on a classic French recipe: Potato and leek cake, crisped in a cast iron skillet, topped with a decadent white wine, mushroom sauce, accented by vegan bacon.